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downloader of videos from YouTube and other site Konfiguration¶. Wenn bestimmte Optionen häufiger benutzt werden, können diese auch in einer Konfigurationsdatei eingetragen werden.Diese muss ggf. selber angelegt werden, für systemweite Nutzung als /etc/youtube-dl.conf, benutzerspezifisch als ~/.config/youtube-dl/config, man kann durch die --config-location-Option beim Aufruf auch andere Speicherorte angeben

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The YouTube-DL is written in Python, and C language. I must mention that the YouTube-DL grab videos from youtube based on the web scraping method Download youtube-dl packages for Adélie, Alpine, ALT Linux, Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, KaOS, Mageia, NetBSD, OpenMandriva, openSUSE, OpenWrt, PCLinuxOS. Hallo, youtube-dl gibt es nicht in den Repositories von Debian. youtube-dl wird permanent weiterentwickelt (das ewige Katz-und-Maus-Spiel, YouTube sperrt aus, youtube-dl legt nach...), das ist viel zu schnell für Debian Stable brew upgrade youtube-dl brew upgrade ffmpeg Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade youtube-dl -y sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade ffmpeg -y Windows: choco upgrade youtube-dl choco upgrade ffmpeg Check version: youtube-dl --version ffmpeg The following commands are tested with: youtube-dl version 2018.11.07; ffmpeg version 4.1. YouTube-DLG ist eine grafische Oberfläche (GUI) für YouTube-DL

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  1. I use youtube-dl to download videos for watching later offline. Usually, it works fine. However, due to frequent changes on the video sites, it sometimes requires a quick update. It wasn't a proble
  2. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install youtube-dl and how to use it on Debian 9 Linux. Prerequisite. A server or system running on Debian 9 Operating system; An user with sudo privileges; System Update. It is general to update and upgrade system packages before installing a new package into the system. To update and upgrade your Debian system use below commands: $ sudo apt-get update.
  3. Kurz nach der Aufforderung hatten zahlreiche neue Repositories auf Github youtube-dl im Gepäck, ein Uploader konnte die Software dank eines Github-Bugs gar in das offizielle Repository für DMCA-Mitteilungen schmuggeln. Und nicht nur das: Auf der Webseite https://youtube-dl.org steht nun eine neue Version 2020.11.01.1 von Youtube-dl bereit
  4. As you can see in the above screenshot, Youtube-dl lists all available formats of the given video. From left to right, it displays the video format code, extension and resolution note of the respective video
  5. Install youtube-dl from apt. The first and easy method is installing youtube-dl from apt repository. For this, you just need to run the command

youtube-dl The bot can use On Debian/Ubuntu you can set your locale with: dpkg-reconfigure locales Select something (use the arrow keys to navigate and Space to select/deselect items) that ends in UTF-8, e.g. en_US.UTF-8 and confirm your selection (Tab switches the highlighted button/field and Enter activates it). Afterwards restart your system or your SinusBot to make sure that the. [youtube-dl_2017.05.18.1-1.debian.tar.xz] Maintainer: Rogério Brito External Resources: Homepage [rg3.github.com] Similar packages: libwww-youtube-download-perl; python-pafy ; python3-pafy; node-ytdl-core; ytcc; svtplay-dl; nomnom; smtube; minitube; mps-youtube; python-sphinxcontrib.youtube; downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites. youtube-dl is a small command-line program to. youtube-dl is a Python based small command-line tool that allows to download videos from YouTube.com, Dailymotion, Google Video, Photobucket, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, Depositfiles and few more similar sites. It written in pygtk and requires Python interpreter to run this program, it's not platform restricted. It should run on any Unix, Windows or in Mac OS X based systems

excuses:. Migration status for youtube-dl (2020.09.20-1 to 2020.11.12-1): Waiting for test results, another package or too young (no action required now - check later I want to get youtube-dl for Debian. Normally I like to install applications through the Debian repository (I'm on stable) through apt-get install, but this is a bad idea for this specific application since the version in stable is very outdated and a lot of streams are not supported by it youtube-dl Wenn Sie Videos aus dem Internet herunterladen wollen, haben Sie unter Windows die freie Wahl aus Dutzenden Download-Tools. Ein spezielles Tool für die Kommandozeile, das völlig.

Es ist eine grafische Benutzeroberfläche (GUI) für das Open-Source-Tool youtube-dl, das standardmäßig nur via Kommandozeile genutzt werden kann. YouTube-DLG - Oberfläche. Lizenz. Please include the full output of youtube-dl when run with-v, i.e. add-v flag to your command line, copy the whole output and post it in the issue body wrapped in ``` for better formatting. It should look similar to this YouTube-DL GUI is a front-end application for the command-line tool YouTube-DL. The program is designed to take the complexity out of using YouTube-DL from the command line and make it much easier to save save YouTube videos on Linux offline.. The application has a very simple, straightforward UI, with quick-change settings, and supports multiple video and audio formats, making it the perfect. [2020-05-13] Accepted 2020.05.08-1 in unstable (medium) (Debian FTP Masters) [2020-04-16] youtube-dl 2020.03.24-1 MIGRATED to testing (Britney) [2020-04-10] Accepted 2020.03.24-1 in unstable (medium) (Debian FTP Masters) [2020-02-06] youtube-dl 2020.01.24-.1 MIGRATED to testing (Britney) [2020-01-31] Accepted 2020.01.24-.1 in unstable (medium) (Debian FTP Masters) [2019-10-07] youtube-dl. If you want to create a build of youtube-dl yourself, you'll need • python • make • pandoc • zip • nosetests Adding support for a new site¶ If you want to add support for a new site, you can follow this quick list (assuming your service is called yourextractor)

YouTube DL GUI 2.252 Englisch: Mit dem kleinen Tool YouTube DL GUI laden Sie YouTube-Videos herunter und konvertieren sie youtube-dl can be installed on most Linux distributions using the built-in package manager (apt, yum, etc). # apt based distros Ubuntu, Debian, etc sudo apt install youtube-dl # yum based distros Redhat, Centos, Fedora sudo yum install youtube-dl Steps to Install youtube-dl on Mac OS How to use the youtube-dl version from the homepage with your /home/user/bin dir. . The binary. cd #change to your home dir #If ~/bin exists, leave the next line out. youtube-dl-gui Download your favorite videos Supported Sites Download Windows Installer Other Platforms. Description. A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython. Screenshots Downloads. Source (zip) Source (tar) Windows installer; Windows portable; Arch; Ubuntu; Slackware; openSUSE; PyPi; Requirements. Python 2.7.3+ wxPython 3; TwoDict; GNU gettext (build.

Ubuntu/Debian $ sudo apt install python python3 python-pip Fedora # dnf install python2 python3 python-pip OpenSUSE # zypper install python python3 python-pip Arch Linux # pacman -S python python2 python-pip Gentoo # emerge dev-python/pip Using Pip Pip is a Python package manager. There are a bunch of ways to use it, but in this case, a system-wide install is best. As root, you can use Pip. > Debian hats noch sudo apt-get install youtube-dl. Aber wer hat schon Linux. Ist bekanntlich nur was für Linksextremisten und Nerds. Seit bald nem Jahrzehnt (privat) MS-free, m. Bewerten. Install youtube-dl on your Linux distribution Choose your Linux distribution to get detailed installation instructions. If yours is not shown, get more details on the installing snapd documentation 2daygeek.com Linux Tips, Tricks & News Today ! - Through on this article you will get idea to Install YouTube-DL command line tools on RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Mageia, Manjaro, Archi & openSUS When youtube-dl downloads a file, it tries to set file mtime to same as in HTTP Last-Modified header. When --no-mtime is used file mtime is not modified manually. If you are interested in details, you can browse youtube-dl source code in github. Some relevant lines: Header used to set mtime using try_utime: downloader/http.py: Line 24

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debian programm youtube-dl: pfad angeben wohin Datei soll? geht das irgendwie mit einem parameter ? also angeben wo das video heruntergeladen werden soll auf dem server. In der doku finde ich ni [debug] System config: [] [debug] User config: [] [debug] Command-line args: [u'--prefer-ffmpeg', u'--no-warnings', u'-f', u'22', u'-o', u'-', u'-v', u'--', u'QcIy9NiNbmo'] [debug] Encodings: locale UTF-8, fs UTF-8, out UTF-8, pref UTF-8 [debug] youtube-dl version 2015.08.16.1 [debug] Python version 2.7.3 - Linux-4.1.-x86_64-linode59-x86_64-with-debian-7.8 [debug] exe versions: avconv 0.8.17.


linux debian youtube-dl. share | improve this question | follow | edited Jun 8 '13 at 4:18. gunr2171. 9,316 10 10 gold badges 50 50 silver badges 73 73 bronze badges. asked Jun 8 '13 at 3:54. user2465533 user2465533. 39 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. youtube-dl does not need to be installed, just download it, assign exec permission and use it as usual, ./youtube-dl path-to-video. Die RIAA sieht in Youtube-dl ein Werkzeug, mit dem sich eigentlich nur für das Streaming vorgesehene Videos herunterladen lassen. Als Beispiel führt die RIAA unter anderem das Video Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) an. Dieses würde unter der Youtube-Standard-Lizenz stehen, die wiederum nur das Streaming erlaube. Des Weiteren würde das Tool Youtube-dl Sicherungsmaßnahmen. └──╼ #youtube-dl -U youtube-dl: error: youtube-dl's self-update mechanism is disabled on Debian. If you have installed youtube-dl using a package manager like apt-get or yum, use the standard system update mechanism to update. Note that distribution packages are often outdated. As a rule of thumb, youtube-dl releases at leas

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Ich finde ja die kleinen Skripte tatort-dl (für die ARD-Mediathek), zdf-dl und auch youtube-dl recht praktisch um schnell Videos aus. YouTube-DLG 0.4 kostenlos downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Internet finden Sie bei computerbild.de Downloading videos from Youtube to your PC comes in handy especially when you know you are going to be offline for long periods of time, for instance when you are catching a flight or a train

Package: youtube-dl Version: 2014.02.17-1 Severity: normal NEWS.Debian is for describing major (incompatible) changes in a package. The purpuse is that on larger upgrades a user can see a short list of serious caveats that is much shorter than the long list of changelog entries. youtube-dl is the only package on my system abusing NEWS.Debian for advertising the latest features in the new. Luckily youtube-dl provides an option to download a whole playlist or just a range of songs within it. For that purpose, you will need to use the following options: --playlist-start NUMBER - Playlist video to start at (default is 1 Install youtube-dl on Linux Mint, Ubuntu or Debian: $ sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl CentOS, RHEL. There is no pip package in default CentOS and RHEL repositories, but it can be found in EPEL. Cool Tip: Install EPEL repository in one command! Read more → As only EPEL repository is enabled, you can install pip: $ sudo yum install python-pip. Install youtube-dl on CentOS or RHEL: $ sudo. [youtube-dl_2020.03.24-1.dsc] [youtube-dl_2020.03.24.orig.tar.gz] [youtube-dl_2020.03.24.orig.tar.gz.asc] [youtube-dl_2020.03.24-1.debian.tar.xz] Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainer (usually from Debian)

Debian-Installationsimage besorgen. Auf der Seite der Installations-Images in unserem Wiki, findet ihr eine ganze Auswahl verschiedener Links zur Debian-Installationsimages. Die Gnome-Installationsmedien, befinden sich unter den Links für Multi-Arch und jeweils den Links für 32Bit und 64Bit unterhalb vom Logo mit dem Gnome-Fuß. Weitere Links beinhalten andere Desktop-Umgebungen, die. youtube-dl: error: youtube-dl's self-update mechanism is disabled on Debian. That's pretty lame because the video people change stuff to make download difficult and youtube-dl has to change rapidly to keep up GUI for youtube-dl. A front-end GUI for the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython. Version 0.4; Size 127 KB; openSUSE Leap 15.2; Direct Install Expert Download Show youtube-dl-gui for other distributions. Distributions openSUSE Tumbleweed. Show experimental packages Show community packages. network:utilities Experimental. 0.4 1 Click Install Expert Download openSUSE Leap 15.2. official.

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  1. https://manuplayslp.jimdo.com/yt-dl-installation
  2. **READ** If the youtube-dl don't work, put the youtube-dl.exe file's path in the SinusBot's config. Subscribe :D Sinusbot Download: https://www.sinusbot.com/..
  3. sudo apt install youtube-dl. The version in Debian/Ubuntu is usually old and you might face errors while downloading videos. However, I recommend installing it directly from its source repository. For any Linux distribution, you can quickly install youtube-dl on your system through the command line interface with
  4. youtube-dl-gui - Graphical Interface for youtube-dl. mrs0m30n3.github.io/youtub... 116 comments. share. save. hide. report. 90% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 3 other communities. level 1. 82 points · 3 years ago. I am a command line lazy person, but this is even too much for me. level 1. 35 points.
  5. Debian sudo apt-get install youtube-dl Fedora sudo dnf install youtube-dl OpenSUSE sudo zypper install youtube-dl Other Linux Distributions. Like mentioned before, this program is the goto command-line tool when interacting with online videos. As a result, users will have an easy time installing it, as it's usually available. If, for some reason the Linux distribution you use has decided not.
  6. $ cat ~/.config/youtube-dl/config $ youtube-dl --version 2019.09.28 Using Debian testing (all updated). debian python youtube-dl. share | improve this question | follow | edited Oct 14 '19 at 15:46. shirish. asked Oct 14 '19 at 9:04. shirish shirish. 8,883 12 12 gold badges 59 59 silver badges 135 135 bronze badges. 1 You can configure youtube-dl by placing any supported command line option.
  7. If not, is there an acceptable workaround to keep youtube-dl up-to-date eg on Debian Stable (without adding a 3rd-party APT repo which would bring us back to square one)? Asking because this is one of the main benefits of youtube-dl-gui for me. As I said in #189, many thanks and I'm fine with any solution. PS: I can think of Firefox/Thunderbird that allow downloading software directly from.

Install YouTube-DL in Ubuntu/Linux Mint and Debian - download-mp3-youtube-dl.m Helps you get your packages into Debian Start page; Package list; Maintainer; Reviews; Sponsors; Q & A; Contact; Sign me up Login Package list Today. Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor? pybj: python-bjdata - Binary JData (BJData) encoder/decoder for Python 2 python3-bjdata - Binary JData (BJData) encoder/decoder for Python 3 : 0.2.5-1: Qianqian Fang: No pyjdata: python-jdata. Debian 9+ Ubuntu 16.10+ CentOS 7+ Features. Install the SinusBot to a selected folder Automatic = /opt/sinusbot; or own dir; Update the SinusBot and youtube-dl; Reset the password; Uninstall the bot; The following tasks will be done: Checks if the linux distribution is supported; Installs the latest supported version of the teamspeak clien

Download Source Package youtube-dl: [youtube-dl_2016.02.22-1.dsc] [youtube-dl_2016.02.22.orig.tar.gz] [youtube-dl_2016.02.22-1.debian.tar.xz] Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainer (usually from Debian) Found in version youtube-dl/2013.12.04-1. Done: Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> Bug is archived. No further changes may be made. Toggle useless messages . View this report as an mbox folder, status mbox, maintainer mbox. Report forwarded to debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org, Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>: Bug#731448; Package youtube-dl. (Thu, 05 Dec 2013 15:30:06 GMT) (full text, mbox.

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Ein Online-YouTube-Downloader. Laden Sie Videos von YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitter, Funnyordie, 9gag, Vevo und über 100 weiteren Videostreaming. In dieser Anleitung/diesem Tutorial wird Schritt für Schritt erklärt, wie Sie kostenlos einen TeamSpeak 3/Discord Musikbot (SinusBot) unter Linux (z.B. Debian oder Ubuntu) installieren können GUI for youtube-dl. A front-end GUI for the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython. Wersja 0.4; Rozmiar 126 KB; openSUSE Leap 15.2; Bezpośrednia instalacja Expert Download Show youtube-dl-gui for other distributions. Dystrybucje openSUSE Tumbleweed. wydanie oficjalne Oficjalny. 0.4 Instalacja 1-Click Expert Download Wyświetl pakiety eksperymentalne Wyświetl pakiety społeczności. network. Uninstall youtube-dl and it's dependent packages. To remove the youtube-dl package and any other dependant package which are no longer needed from Debian Sid. sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove youtube-dl Purging youtube-dl. If you also want to delete configuration and/or data files of youtube-dl from Debian Sid then this will work

It's important to note, Youtube-dl isn't necessarily gone. Github which is owned by Microsoft apparently reacts to these DMCA claims by immediately blocking the content until the defendant Youtube-dl makes their case for why their service isn't in violation of the archaic copyright rules. However, I don't expect they will be successful. 4.2 Linux/BSD/MacOS. Install Tartube, using any of the methods described below. It's strongly recommended that you install Ffmpeg, too. Run Tartube. When prompted, choose a directory where Tartube can store videos. Install youtube-dl by clicking Operations > Update youtube-dl. If you don't want Tartube to add videos to its database, click the Classic Mode Tab. If you do want to update the.

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Buy a set of CDs or DVDs from one of the vendors selling Debian CDs. Many of the vendors sell the distribution for less than US$5 plus shipping (check their web page to see if they ship internationally) Sinusbot Manuell installieren. Thema: 2 Musikbots auf V-Server installieren. In dieser Anleitung zeige ich euch wie ihr in wenigen Schritten Manuell Sinusbot installieren könnt

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  1. Youtube-dl (Gelesen 86 mal) 2 Mitglieder und 6 Gäste betrachten dieses Thema. LmGreenhorn? Youtube-dl « am: Heute um 20:43:25 » Liebe Leute!.
  2. Youtube-dl, eines der mit 72k Sternen populärsten Repositories auf GitHub, ist aber nicht per se, wie die RIAA andeutet, illegal, sondern hat viele legale Verwendungsmöglichkeiten, denn auf YouTube findet sich nicht nur urheberrechtsgeschütztes Material, sondern auch massenhaft Inhalte aus dem Bereich Public Domain
  3. All versions of youtube-dl source in Debian; Versions published Release. The package versions that were published when the distribution release was made. youtube-dl 2020.07.28-1 (main) View changelog; View copyright; youtube-dl information. Current version: 2020.07.28-1 Uploaded: 2020-08-10 Urgency: Medium Urgency. Upstream connections. youtube-dl-gui ⇒ release-2.0. Nothing fancy, just a.
  4. Patch File delta Description; skip_support_file_installation.patch | : setup.py | 7 1 + 6 - 0 ! 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 6 deletions(-) don't install support files via setup.py for better control over where they should be installed

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youtube-dl is licensed under a public domain dedication known as the Unlicense that's similar to Creative Common's CC0. There are some interesting legal opinions out there about where public domain dedication fits into the open source landscape, but it's generally considered compatible with existing open source licenses even by organizations who don't recommend its use Arch Linux CentOS Command line utilities Debian FAQ Fedora FreeBSD Linux Basics Linux Distributions Linux Mint Mageia Mandrake Mandriva openSUSE Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reviews Scientific Linux SUSE Tips and Tricks Ubuntu Unix Utilities. Download YouTube Videos With Subtitles Using Youtube-dl . By sk August 12, 2016. Written by sk August 12, 2016 5384 Views. 4 comments. 0. Facebook Twitter. Deb distribution package for youtube-dl is often outdated (it is currently and that version doesn't work anymore). In the FAQ How do I update youtube-dl? reported in the url below it is suggested to manually install the program so you can then easily keep it updated There is a better version of youtube-dl direct from youtube-dl.org. The repository version is outdated so first uninstall that version--then open a termina youtube-dl allows the user, among other things, to choose a specific video quality to download (if available) or let the program automatically determine the best (or worst) quality video to grab. It supports downloading entire playlists and all videos from a given user

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Command Line Video Download Tool `youtube-dl` Gets Support For 17 New Websites ~ Ubuntu / Linux blo Der nagelneue USB-Stick wartet mit seinen satten 32 GByte Speicher nur darauf, mit Live-Systemen befüllt zu werden. Höchste Zeit also für ein paar interessante, kuriose und vor allem Daten rettende Distributionen. Spezielle Linux-Distributionen für den USB-Stick gibt es mittlerweile zuhauf. Für fast jeden Einsatzzweck und jeden Geschmack scheint es ein passendes Live-System zu geben. Wer.

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  1. ale con permessi di root: root @ home:home / skipper # apt-get install youtube-dl Provo a.
  2. itube? From: Ric Moore <wayward4now@gmail.com> References: . What do you guys use instead of youtube-dl and
  3. LightDM is a cross-desktop display manager.It was built as a relatively light-weight and highly customizable alternative to GDM.It's developed at Canonical by Robert Ancell and all contributors are required to assign their copyright to Canonical through a Contributor License Agreement that allows proprietarization.. No Gnome dependencie
  4. The command line! before you groan youtube-dl is quite possibly the greatest Multimedia downloader, it doesn't have a UI but it is very powerful. FFmpeg can convert anything and can even do basic editing. RTMPDump can download media from Flash sites (without the need for Flash!) Windows. youtube-dl: Download the Windows build, which should be on the second paragraph titled windows exe.

History. youtube-dl was created in 2006 by Ricardo Garcia. Initially, only YouTube was supported, but as the project grew, it began supporting other video sharing websites. Ricardo Garcia stepped down as maintainer in 2011 and was replaced with phihag, who later stepped down and was replaced with dstftw I have hope(!) Seriously though, I agree the 3.38 version on Fedora is quite a lot nicer than 3.30 which I run daily on Debian. Hmm. Mixed feelings about youtube-dl takedown. Hope it's not the start of a trend. (Don't suppose anybody's noticed, but after months, I'm finally up-to-date with my DL series of podcasts! xVideoServiceThief is discontinued. Download YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook videos in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions with these applications Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output

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  1. al with the output of youtube-dl in the background so that if something out of the ordinary happens, the output of youtube-dl is visible instead of being hidden so you can diagnose what happened yourself
  2. Debian 9+ Ubuntu 18.04+ CentOS 7+ Note: While it might be possible to use older versions in particular cases, we can only provide support for the above mentioned ones. When choosing a VPS (virtual private server), make sure that it is not based on OpenVZ, because the Linux kernel will be too old. Instead choose a KVM or LXC based VPS with a recent OS. The server should have at least 512MB or.
  3. Die stabile Debian-Edition der Distribution basiert auf Debian 10.6 und erlaubt die Wahl zwischen einem Xfce- und LXQt-Desktop. Wer Hardware aufbereitet und vertreibt, kann Emmabuntüs jetzt auch schnell in einem OEM-Installationsmodus einspielen. Das behaarte Nilpferd kommt am 22. April 2021 Ubuntu 21.04 heißt Hirsute Hippo. Tim Schürmann - 28. Oktober 2020. Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung.
  4. Youtube-dlG (or youtube-dl-gui) doesn't offer access to all the youtube-dl features (there are so many, it's almost impossible - I'd say -, to fit them all into a single UI) but it does offer access to most basic features which should be enough for most users
  5. Debian 8+ Ubuntu 16.10+ CentOS 7+ Hey Da viele Personen das Problem haben den Bot zu installieren, habe ich einen Installer geschrieben, welcher alles wichtige installiert. Funktionen: Installieren des Bots in ein gewünschtes Verzeichnis. Automatisch = /opt/sinusbot; oder eigene Auswahl; Updaten des SinusBots und Youtube-DL; Passwort zurücksetze
  6. Ich möchte die aktuelle LTS-Version haben : Ich möchte die neueste STS-Version haben : Ich habe ältere Hardware Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla Läuft der Rechner mit Ubuntu? Aktualisierungen bis Juli 202
  7. 05:01 Youtube-dl is back 07:51 Nvidia 455.45.01 09:39 Tascam 16×08 GTK 11:11 Debian 11 theme 13:41 Retro Freedom laptops 17:51 gping 20:26 KDE Pinephone 25:01 SlackEX gets Enlightened 28:56 Shameless self promotion 30:11 Pi400 overclocking 33:46 Pi GPS 37:21 Email
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[debug] youtube-dl version 2016.01.01 [debug] Python version 2.7.10 - Linux-2.6.32-5-686-i686-with-debian-jessie-sid [debug] exe versions: ffmpeg N-60368-gacd750 There are a couple of ways to use youtube-dl on Linux. A straightforward way is to use the youtube-dl script from the command line. If you prefer a graphical option, there's a front end for youtube-dl that provides a wide set of controls and options Ja, aber genau wie Firefox Open Source ist, ist der Name Firefox hingegen vom Markenrecht geschützt und nicht Teil der Open Source-Lizenz - man erinnere sich an den Debian-Forks namens Iceweasel (Firefox) und Icedove (Thunderbird). Das heißt das geforkte CUPS muss dann anders heißen

To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-bugs-dist-***@lists.debian.org with a subject of unsubscribe. Trouble? Contact ***@lists.debian.org. Felix Geyer 2012-08-06 11:50:01 UTC. Permalink . Post by Rogério Brito. This build failure occurs again in 2012.02.27+gita171dbf-1 and -2. Can you provide some details more, please? At what step does it fail with the message above? dh_auto_build make[1. Debian - Official packages for Stable-Backports, Testing, Unstable Debian - deb-multimedia packages for Oldstable, Stable, Testing, Unstable Ubuntu - Official packages Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages Linux Static Builds. 32-bit and 64-bit for kernel 3.2.0 and above. ----- The Debian Project https://www.debian.org/ Updated Debian 8: 8.11 released press@debian.org June 23rd, 2018 https://www.debian.org/News/2018/20180623----- The. Hallo, Hier zeige ich mal eine etwas andere Version um den Sinusbot zu installieren. Diese funktioniert über einen service und hat einen integrieten Autostart. Am Anfang sollt ihr euch als Root Benutzer einloggen um die ganzen Befehle tätigen z Eigenes auf Debian basierendes System erstellen - Leicht angepasstes System Kleine Tipps für das Bisherige. Bisher haben wir als Basis für unser zu erstellendes System das real installierte genutzt, dies bedeutet, haben wir Debian Buster installiert wird auch aus dem zu erstellenden System ein Debian Buster, möchten wir beispielsweise aber ein Bullseye (Debian Testing) oder Sid (Debian.

Ubuntu 16.04+/ Debian 9+ Make sure to read the instructions for Ubuntu / Debian or use the install script (thanks to Qhiliqq). It may work on other distributions as well but that hasn't been tested. Download for Linux 64 bit Windows. Just follow the instructions of the installer and start with the shortcut on your desktop Ubuntu 16.04+ / Debian 9+ Bitte lies die Installations-Anleitung für Ubuntu / Debian oder nutze das Installations-Script (Dank an Qhiliqq). Der Bot kann auch auf anderen Distributionen funktionieren - allerdings wurde das nicht ausgiebig getestet. Für Linux 64 bit herunterladen Window Debian 8.0 wurde im April 2015 freigegeben und bisher zehnmal aktualisiert, zuletzt vor mehr als sechs Monaten. Die Veröffentlichung von Debian GNU/Linux »Jessie« 8.11 schließt nun die Neuausgaben von Aktualisierungen von Debian 8 ab. Das System hat seine geplante Unterstützungszeit von drei Jahren bereits überschritten und daher wird es in Zukunft keine neuen Installationsmedien mehr geben

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Teamspeak is VoIP software for voice chatting with friends, but you can also listen and play music directly to its channels. This tutorial will explain how to create a music bot with Sinusbot.Sinusbot is a music bot for TS3 with a web-interface LMDE 4 setzt auf Debian. Im Gegensatz zur Standardausgabe von Linux Mint, die Ubuntu LTS zur Grundlage hat, nutzt LMDE seit 2010 Debian als Unterbau. Ein weiterer Unterschied betrifft den Desktop. Während Linux Mint mit Cinnamon, MATE und Xfce erscheint, beschränkt sich LMDE auf Cinnamon, das bei LMDE 4 in der aktuellen Version 4.4.8. Adélie Alpine ALT Linux Arch Linux CentOS Debian Fedora KaOS Mageia Mint OpenMandriva openSUSE OpenWrt PCLinuxOS Slackware Solus Ubuntu. Unix. FreeBSD NetBSD. Support Us; Search. Settings. OpenMandriva Cooker. OpenMandriva Unsupported Release aarch64. youtube-dl-2020.11.26-1-omv4002.noarch.rpm. youtube-dl-2020.11.26-1-omv4002.noarch.rpm. Description. youtube-dl - Small command-line program to.

hardwarerelated:nintendo_switch [fluxcoilDownload Linuxbrew Linux 0

Install YouTube-DL - A Command Line Video Download Tool

youtube-dl(1) — youtube-dl — Debian jessie-backports

Persepolis Download Manager: Impressive Python frontend
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